Steam Packet investment

Things have improved a little since the 1960s

A new mezzanine vehicle deck will be fabricated this autumn for Manannan and installed prior to each TT, accommodating an extra 300 motorcycles each way every day.

During the 2014 TT, the Steam Packet Company carried more than 12,100 motorcycles each way, an increase of 8% on the 2013 figure, and demand for travel to next year’s TT is already substantially higher than this time last year.

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Steam Packet Company chief executive Mark Woodward said: “The continued growth in the popularity of the TT has led to significant increases in demand for travel during the festival. We have invested heavily over the years to significantly expand our vehicle capacity for the TT.

“There has been a marked increase in demand for the Festival of Motorcycling since the launch of Classic TT, and we will be able to play our part in supporting the ongoing growth of that event and the Manx Grand Prix by using the new deck to increase capacity for the festival.”

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