SDR memories #1

Dear CR

Your article covering the making of the Silver Dream Racer brought back fond memories, as myself and my late brother Neil were watching from the grandstand on the approach to Woodcote.

Well, I say grandstand, but I seem to recall it being more of a large wooden shed! Anyway, we were told that the Silver Dream Racer would be coming round and to cheer and wave as it passed whilst being filmed.


A flatbed truck with a guy on the back operating a newsreel style camera came into view going flat out ahead of the riders spaced out in lines behind.

Our hero was weaving in and out through the formation of riders and the crowd were duly waving and clapping as they slowly came past and we both shouted “come on Ivor” much to the puzzlement of the spectators around us.

“Who’s Ivor” they asked and we replied “surely you know, it’s the star rider, Ivor Dream.”


Great mag, keep up the good work!

Andy Murden

SDR memories #2


Dear CR

I have just read your article about the Silver Dream Racer in the January/February issue. The memories came flooding back as I was one of the extras that were used in the film at the 1979 Silverstone GP.

I was asked at one of the race meetings I was competing at if I would be interested in turning up with my bike at Silverstone for the start of the GP weekend as an extra, I didn’t need asking twice.


So my Yamaha TZ350E, a friend and myself turned up nice and early, arriving at the main gate, we were sent to the paddock where the film crew had set up camp. What an experience to see all the machinery of that time, including Honda’s comeback to racing with the 500 four-stoke racer.

We had to go on the track and follow the camera car for a few laps, and after the car pulled off, we had to make it look like we were racing – not a problem to a group of young lads, this we did several times over the weekend.

What a weekend it was, riding at Silverstone in front of a Grand Prix crowd, watching Sheene and Roberts battling for the lead and getting paid for it – it couldn’t get any better. In this cutting from a magazine of the time (above), my bike is No 71.

Also, I still have the 15-page instructions for the bike positioning in the film. I still ride with the classic racing club riding a Yamaha 250 in the same colour scheme as used in the film.
Keep up the good work with Classic Racer.

Martin Purvey

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