More on the Roberts clan plus

Dear CR

The Roberts boys were involved in motorcycling from a young age, and Kenny senior took them to various northern California events, just to meet some of the motorcycling greats of that time.

Dick Mann organized vintage dirt racing events from 1985 which included interviews with the local heroes of that time.


First photo from the 1987 event shows, left to right, tuning great Tom Sifton, motorcycle dealer and distributor Hap Jones, Dick Mann, Kenny Roberts senior, Kenny junior, and Kurtis.

Second photo has Kurtis facing forward, though not overly interested at this point, and includes Mert Lawwill.

The event flyer is the actual cut-and-paste master that I used to make photocopies, long before computers could assist with that sort of thing.


Our Britalia Motors shop provided support services over the years for this event, as well as vintage shows in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Del Mar, California.

John McCoy, Santa Cruz, California & Como, Italy



Hello John, thanks for this letter and the photos. It’s always very satisfying and slightly addictive to see ‘family’ casual photos like these. Tony

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