Feisty talk

PACEMAKER, BELFAST, 31/5/2016: Michael Dunlop, Superbike, Hawk Racing, BMW, Bungalow, 30/05/16

Dear CR

What an excellent letter from Gordon Chatterton (Classic Racer issue 187). It really sums up the current state of play, particularly with regard to the TT races.

No longer the domain of the professional rider competing for world championship points as in the past, the event is now given over to various local entrants who are paid for their troubles, the rest of the field made up from riders of clubman ability.

It is of little wonder that the accident and fatality rates are so high given the nature of the course and the relative competence of the entrants.

As for myself, I will continue to spectate on the mainland at CRMC events which continue to entertain both riders and the viewing public. There really is no need to bother with the grossly overblown IOM equivalent.

Roger Walker