YEAR: 1978 // LOCATION: Brands Hatch

There comes a moment in every racer’s life when he’s sure he’s passed the slippery stuff – when he’s seen the obstacle in front of him, identified the course of action needed to avoid it and ridden the correct line.

In the F750 event at Brands, Jeff Sayle (Yamaha) had manfully avoided the cement powder-covered oil slick going into Druids – the white-clouded evidence of a previous race mishap by another rider.

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With that bit of focus-pulling race decision-making aside, Jeff could really concentrateon getting out of the corner as fast as possible – full lean angle, fix the stare,nice dollop of throttle.

Dammit. A fraction too much lean or a fraction too much gas?

Either way, the result was the same.

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At least it didn’t happen on the front brake, slipping across cement dust a few feet earlier.

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