“I created a monster”

In one of his most frank interviews ever, Carl Fogarty lifts the lid on what he had to do to become one of Britain’s most successful bike racers ever.

Words: Bertie Simmonds Photographs: Don Morley and Mortons Archive

“Looking back now, I didn’t need to be as selfish, as outspoken and arrogant as I once was: I realise now that I created a monster!”

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500GP outing on the Cagiva two-stroke. A shame the GP world didn’t happen in a WSB way. Photo: Don Morley.

Carl Fogarty: four-time World Superbike champion, three-time Isle of Man TT winner (and former lap record holder), 1992 World Endurance champ and 2014 King of the Jungle, is in reflective mood: “When I look back now at my time at the top, I realise I was pretty mean.

“I shouldn’t and I won’t say I regret things as such, but looking back now I didn’t need to be that mean, or say the things I did, I could have just won races. I didn’t need to say ‘he’s shit’ as that would and did put more pressure on myself, but then – when I said these things – they came out true, most times.

“Why did I put myself through that? I guess I didn’t want anyone getting near me on or off the track. That’s why I had to think that no one else had a right to be on the same track as me.

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“Maybe my head was gone? I would say the bike was shit, or the tyres were crap and only in the wet would I say it was down to me… I just said it, and I didn’t need to say it. I would say the truth though… if it was down to the tyres, I’d say it, when perhaps I shouldn’t have, but I guess straight talking and honesty did help me get such a massive following I suppose.”

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