Chadwick and ‘Privat’ MVs

Dear CR

I enjoyed issue 202 as much as ever. It was good to read the piece on Dave Chadwick.

I knew him well and attended his funeral at Northenden. I understood his accident occurred when he was unable to avoid an ice cream salesman who was walking backwards on the track selling his wares.


The other rider, whose name I do not recall, was as blameless as indeed Dave was.

The picture of the MVs in 1962… the one ridden by Gary Hocking was a works entry.

Mike Hailwood was labelled ‘Privat’. The only difference being that Hocking was paid to race by the factory, Hailwood was not.


Stan, Hailwood’s father, allegedly sponsored his son’s season on the Italian machines.

This so concerned Hocking that he felt he was duty bound to defeat his ‘team-mate’.

This led to his ultimate decision to give up motorcycle racing and switch to cars, which was unfortunate to say the least.

Dave Chadwick in action during the 1956 Junior TT, riding a 350cc Norton.

On page 8/9 the illustration, shows a new pattern Avon racing tyre.

The only time this was ever used as the company withdrew from international racing at the end of that year.

Brian Heath, via email.


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