Amazing Memories

Dear Malc

I was interested to see your reference to Malcolme Tunstall in your Welcome column in issue 179. In the early 90s, I think that it may have been 1991, I visited Daytona as part of a holiday that happily coincided with practice-day for the 200.

Amazing Memories
A friend in England had some connections with the family and suggested that I look him up.


In my miniature Geo hire car I drove up to the pits and said that I was going to see Malcolme.

Amazingly, they let me in and I spent a happy couple of hours being royally fed and hosted by the Tunstall family and the famous Sir Alan of Cathcart.

On the flight home I sat next to Gary Green who I have to admit I hadn’t heard of at that point.


I loved the Bultaco article in issue 179 and would suggest that if anyone finds themselves in Barcelona they visit the Museo Moto in the Gothic quarter ( which houses a rotating display of Spanish and other motorcycles.

A recent tribute to the 24horas Montjuic had fantastic racing bikes on show. Truly worth a couple of hours of any bike-fans time.

I am ashamed to say that I am unnaturally excited at the prospect of hearing the Suter set off down Bray Hill, and only wish that ITV4 had smell-o-vision.


I may have to resort to Andy Kershaw’s pet recipe which is to burn a piece of cotton-wool soaked in ‘R’.

Unfortunately Padgetts of Batley tell me that ‘R’ is no longer made, but I hear that small quantities are still available at autojumbles.

Martin Webster
Via email


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