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006 From the
Classic Racer archive

Two great moments from racing’s past that typify what we’re about. Both iconic moments captured by two of the world’s best motorcycle racing photographers. Each image is a snapshot of a much bigger story that shaped the racing world to come.

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010 Readers Write

Another instalment of your thoughts on track-related life and the things that go along with it, be it in the past, present or future.

012 Paddock Gossip

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Mallory’s efforts for the Bonanza, loads of Classic TT news and Spa fall under Malc’s watchful eye this time.

018 Line Art

Another beautiful example of Mick Ofield’s mastery with the line. Number 2 in the series and we’ve got a beautiful 1963 G50 Metisse for you to marvel at.

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022 Greatest performance ever?

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It’s a lifelong debate, but what do YOU think was the greatest one-time performance by a racer? Of all time? One Classic Racer writer says it’s a clear-cut case of one very special day in the hands of Mr Jim Redman. Feel free to write in and tell us why this assertion might not be accurate, in your opinion.

030 Whiffling Clara

There are many reasons why this 1931 motorcycle has such a landmark place in the foundations of racing. And Alan Turner explains the story behind the two-wheeled mechanical marvel (for the time, for the time…).

038 Sheene Unseen

Bloomsbury, the book company, has released the Barry Sheene tome that is an ‘Official Photographic Celebration’ of Bazza. We really like the book and enjoyed the pictures very much indeed. So much so that we’re bringing you a slither of the selection here, PLUS we have 10 copies of the book, signed by Freddie Sheene, to give away.

044 ICON

Under the skin, up close and very personal with the 1957 Moto Guzzi V8 500. Look at the exquisite cylinders. Go on, look at them. Aren’t they some of the prettiest things you’ve ever seen bolted to a motorcycle? Yes. We agree with you there.

052 Potts McIntyre –
Part Two

The concluding part of a fascinating tale of two men’s dedicated pursuit of going fast and how it impacted on the racing scene of the time.

062 Back in the day: 1975’s GP season gets underway

Important for many reasons – not least of all the huge grids of the time, but also because this year marked the end of the four-strokes for a long period in the premier class.

068 Pre-TT Classic

Because CR runs every couple of months, we’re tied to very long publication deadlines so occasionally events can only make the next available issue. Such as now. Here’s our report from the excellent John Watterson on the 2017 Pre-TT Classic event. Well worth the wait.

076 Pro-Amming, again

The sparsely-run return to the old days of the old boys taking on the young bucks headed North of the Border to get the action in Scotland and CR went along to watch. Just like old times in the company of Messrs Mackenzie and Carter.

080 Fierce:
The Irish Scene

Our very own Mark McCloskey has been watching the goings-on in classic racing on the Emerald Isle with interest. It’s been a helluva season so far and Mark brings you up to speed with what’s been happening on track and road.

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