Missing the point

16 October 2014
Am I alone in my extreme annoyance during the televised Classic TT races in August? Read more

Star Letter: Two of the best

16 October 2014
I have enclosed a photo of two of the best short circuit riders of their time Read more

Lost potential

16 October 2014
As a regular reader of Classic Racer, your features on riders who I would regularly see racing in the good old 1970s and 80s are of particular interest to me Read more

Star Letter: Jack Gow remembered

21 August 2014
The latest edition of Classic Racer magazine, issue 168, arrived this morning and again it is jam packed with great articles Read more

Rod recalled

21 August 2014
I just wanted to pass on my comments on the excellent Rod Gould article, written by Bruce Cox, issue 164 and 165; particularly the section about the Yamaha/Bultaco special Read more

TT topless

21 August 2014
It was great to meet up at the Bristol Classic MotorCycle Show in February with Pete Elmore Read more

Star Letter: Make my day

19 June 2014
Enclosed is a photograph of my grandson, Jake England, taken at the Carole Nash International MotorCycle Show, at Stafford Read more

Stevens correction

19 June 2014
I really enjoyed reading the Fred Stevens story by Ray Ainscoe in issue 167 of Classic Racer Read more

G50 help needed

19 June 2014
I am a long-time subscriber to Classic Racer and hoped your readers might be able to help me identify who raced or owned my two G50 motorcycles Read more

Star Letter: Kent Anderson cabaret

17 April 2014
Some years back I was participating in a race meeting in Linköping Sviesta, Sweden Read more

Nov/Dec 2014 - Issue 170

Where legends live on

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