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Thursday, 18 April 2013
Malc Wheeler, Editor Classic Racer
Malc Wheeler, Editor Classic Racer
Since our last issue the world of social media has finally caught up with us here at Classic Racer....

Now, it’s fairly common knowledge that I’m something of a Luddite, in fact when I have to call IT with a problem, they all pretend to be in a meeting, but it’s safe to say I’ve really enjoyed the arrival of Classic Racer on Facebook.

In an instant it has allowed me to ‘keep in touch’ with you, the reader, in between issues of the magazine. Of course we’ve had the website and Classic Bikers Club to do that, but Facebook somehow feels more personal.

One of the best examples was during Daytona Bike Week (which we foolishly missed this year, but that’s another story) when ex-pat Brit, Pat Mooney, was taking it to all the screaming 600s on his Buell. Now I know, strictly speaking, the Buell isn’t a classic race bike, but compared with the opposition, ridden in the main by jockeys young enough to call Pat ‘dad’, it is. And he is, after all, a top classic racer in the US too.

Pat had a great qualifying, on the second row, but a dreadful race day, with silly problems and inane officials spoiling his weekend. What Facebook did was allow me to report on Pat’s progress almost as it happened. And the feedback from readers of this magazine was fantastic.

The other satisfying moment in this virtual world of Facebook was the response to Classic Racer getting behind the campaign to save Mallory Park. No one, least of all me, seems to know the full ‘behind the scenes’ story of the proposed house building plans, but what I do know, and so do hundreds of you, is that it would be criminal to lose ‘The Friendly Circuit’... be it for housing or noise issues.

Back in the real world, the season has at last arrived, even if the weather doesn’t want to play ball. I hope you’ve got a packed calendar planned, I know we have.

Enjoy this packed issue.

Malc Wheeler, Editor

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